Academy Services Corporation

A supporting organization for the Arizona Senior Academy

What is ASC?

 Established in 1997 to serve the members of the Arizona Senior Academy, the Academy Services Corporation (ASC) is a registered Arizona corporation holding IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.  ASC is governed by a Board of Directors, and managed by six corporate officers and LLC managers. Its primary mission is the provision of  health care services to the elderly members of the Arizona Senior Academy. 

What does ASC do?

     Currently the primary mission of the ASC is the provision of healthcare to members of the Arizona Senior Academy as well as to other residents of Academy Village and neighboring jurisdictions. ASC’s current operations include two assisted living residences (Academy Villas) designed to offer the highest quality of personalized care to persons unable to live independently.

How does ASC do it?

ASC carries out the majority of its work through three limited liability companies:

                    (1) AV Medical Services, LLC (AVMS). Operates the assisted living residence and handles bookkeeping for all ASC enterprises.

                    (2) The Villas at Academy Village, LLC (TVAV). Owns the buildings and manages the property. 

                     3) AV Wellness, LLC (AVW).  Currently non-operative, this LLC is available to provide additional health care programs to members of the Arizona Senior Academy.

Each LLC is a distinct legal entity and operates independently from the other LLCs. For tax reporting purposes, the LLCs are considered disregarded entities.

Who runs ASC?

ASC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a majority of outside members (i.e., directors not residing in Academy Village) as well as directors residing in Academy Village. Board members are appointed by the Arizona Senior Academy. The officers of the Corporation are appointed by the ASC Board. The LLC managers are appointed by the president with the advice of the Board. 

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