Tax Deductible Donations
Helping Us To Help You & Yours

Donor Programs of the Academy Services Corporation

ASC depends on the good will and support of Academy Village residents, nearby neighbors, and friends to supplement its operating revenues. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

 Donations may be made in cash, in kind, by transfer of stock and other equities, directly from IRAs and retirement accounts, or through an estate plan. Please contact any ASC officer for further information.

 At this time ASC maintains three different funds for carrying out its work.

  •  Fund for Advancing Assisted Living The Academy Villas takes great pride in returning as much of its revenue as possible directly back to care and support services for the residents of the Villas. Were in not for the debt incurred for  construction of the buildings, we could return even more. Contributions to the Fund for Advancing Assisted Living allow us to pay down the principal of our bank loan, thereby permitting us to invest in new ways to provide the highest quality of care and expand the range of services that promote the happiness and well-being of Villas residents.

  • Staff Welfare Fund – Caregivers working at the assisted living Villas occasionally find themselves faced with unexpected expenses. The Staff Welfare Fund provides short-term, interest-free loans to caregivers in order to assist them in coping with emergencies or unplanned expenses. The availability of funds for this purpose and the amounts available for individual loans depend on how much is in the fund at any given time. To obtain these funds, caregivers agree to a modest payroll deduction to insure the continued viability of the fund.
  • Osgood Endowment for Staffing Excellence – This endowment, established by a former resident of Academy Village, supports training and further education for staff in the assisted living Villas. In addition, it supports the retention of top staff, earning advanced certification, and staff development activities that foster continuous improvement in the quality of care. Contributions to this Endowment are may be restricted (added to the principal so that only the interest is expended) or unrestricted (making it available as needed for the purposes of the fund).

Thank You for your interest.  Please contact us to answer any questions you may have.